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So you are ready to start freelancing but not sure what to bid on your first project? Bidding on freelancing jobs can be a difficult task when the client has a budget listed, and you still have to consider your worth and normal rate, or if you are new to freelancing and aren’t sure what you should bid. There are a few things to consider when making a bid, such as your competition, and whether or not you can perform the work for the going rate. Here are some things to think about when bidding for freelance jobs.

Is the Job Right For You?

Is it something that you just can’t pass up? If it is a project that you are very familiar with that will not require a great deal of research then it is acceptable to bid a little under in order to get the job. However, you don’t want to underbid on the job to the point that it is not worth your time. If it is a project that will require a lot of research and a great deal of work, then bid your normal rate. It would not be advantageous for you as a freelancer to take less than you are worth, because you could be spending that time finding other clients that will pay what you are worth.

Choose projects that demonstrate your strengths and skills, and that you know you will be able to deliver on time. This is of the utmost importance when establishing good relationships with employers. If you choose the right projects and perform the work to the best of your ability, then you may get repeat business from that employer.

Determine Your Prices Upfront

You should have a set list of prices for each one of your services already, and it is a good idea to stick to it. If the project you are bidding on will pay far less than your normal rate then don’t sell yourself short. You can be flexible without giving your work away.

Bidding Lowest

Whenever you bid as low as possible to get the job, nine times out of ten you will end up resenting it. Yes, it is money today, but you are also encouraging other clients to continually lower the prices that they expect to pay. By underbidding, you are not doing either yourself, or your fellow freelancers any favors. Of course, doing a few jobs at a low rate can be a good way to build up your rankings on freelance sites like oDesk and

Special Rates

If you have a client that you have won several jobs from in the past, don’t be afraid to give them a little bit of a break on the price. That’s not to say that you should ever work for less than you are worth, rather, if there is the potential for long term work with that client it may be advantageous for you to offer them a slight discount upfront. By doing this, and giving them stellar work, the client will return to you in the future whenever they have more projects come up.

Make Your Bid

You never know until you try. What might not sound like a reasonable bid to you might be perfect for the employer. Don’t ever sell from you own pocket. What might not seem affordable to you might be perfectly affordable to the client.